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Beyond Country Borders, MIURA Boilers Have Become a Trusted Product Worldwide.

We provide well-organized support such as maintenance systems that are on the same level as our Japanese systems. We have complied with all Thai environment and safety codes related to our manufacturing license. MIURA’s technology is also highly involved in our drive for energy savings while also contributing to NOx and CO2 reduction.
Free Diagnosis for Energy Saving

For optimum performance, we analyze customer’s usage report data on a daily basis. Furthermore, we report present operational status and any related problems while also suggesting ideas for operational improvement.

Would You Like a Factory Assessment?
→ The efficiency of the whole system matters in the actual operational efficiency, not boiler efficiency alone.

Through more than 25,000 cases of boiler log analyses and factory assessment, MIURA has found that the actual costs are derived from the comparison between effective steam (steam actually used in production facilities) and various costs (costs necessary for steam generation). With this found knowledge, MIURA offers valuable proposals for energy saving and high operating efficiency to our customers.