Other Product

Digester Gas Boiler

Sewage treatment of some industries such as beer or baiju (sweet white sake) manufacturing, paper manufacturing, and effluent from cities and biological industry generates biological methane gas.
Digester Gas Boilers from MIURA enables the customer to reduce environmental pollution and save energy.

High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Based on our years of accumulated technology, we have developed sterilizers and products that meet the sterilizing needs of our customers. Safety is a priority, and we are also working on automating sterilizing operations while we develop new products to improve sterilizing quality.
Removal of all air before sterilizing enables sterilizing temperature control to be kept at a high level. Also, clean steam sterilization is also supported, which improves sterilizing quality. Our sterilizers are safe and secure products with containing various safety devices for safe operation.

Thermal Oil Heater

Not only “high efficiency”, “high performance” and “high quality”, MIURA is also addresses safety. Thermal Oil Heaters are widely used in food, printing, chemical and other industries. This technology has been used in Japanese industry for the last 20 years, enabling a constant 320℃ high temperature.

Exhaust Gas / Heat Boiler

To enhance energy use efficiency, it is necessary to utilize unused energy from every operating aspect while also heightening boiler efficiency. MIURA has developed boilers that reuse hot exhaust gases of various composition and temperatures allowing for versatile application meeting the customers needs.
MIURA has a large market share in exhaust gas boilers utilizing waste heat recovery system exclusive for co-generation systems. For the sake of “energy exploitation”, MIURA always challenges to brand-new boiler fields.