Water Treatment

Water softener system

< MW Series >

Supply high purity soft water in low running cost
  • Split- Flow Regeneration
  • Twin water softener system suitable for 24-hour operation
  • Alternating regeneration based on flow rate type reproducing ideally that accepted flow quantity with a flow sensor
  • High-performance control is possible by cooperation with “Colormetry”
  • Supports online maintenance

Waer softner

< MS, MS/MS-N, MS-200 Series >

Simple and compact automatic water softner
  • Easy handing with simple structure
  • Standard Water Flow Rate:0.27~28m3/h
  • MS-5-15 have an integrated brine tank
  • All regeneration step is automatic


< CMU 224H >

Automatic monitoring system for water hardness leakage
  • Equipped with a reporting function
  • LCD display of concentration assessment results
  • Reduce the trouble by hands of a check
  • One-touch chemical reagent cartridge replacement
  • Compact design

CO2 neutralizer

< MIN Series >

Management is simple and safe as strong acid is not used
  • Handing uses easy CO2
  • No effort required with automatic control
  • For outdoor use

Chemical feeder

< CPI, CPI-MI, CPI-W Series >

Protects the boiler with exceptional reliability
  • Space-saving wall-hanging type(CPI-S)
  • Can optionally configure an electronic level sensor(MI type)
  • For Multi-control system(CPI-MI, W)
  • Automatic and manual operation possible through a pulse signal(CPI-MI, W)

Boiler compound

< IS Series >

The chemical is the all-in-one type with the function of corrosion and the scale prevention of the boiler only in this. MIURA acquire NSF certification and customer are am available for relief, security.
  • All ingredients consist of the materials listed on FDA regulations for enhanced sagety in boiler used for food applications.
  • Phosphor free and complies with proper effluent regulations.
  • Contains silica, a corrosion Inhibitor, to optimise water quality for boiler usage.
  • Facilitates thin film formation to prevent corrosion.
  • pH adjuster maintains the boiler water pH within appropriate range to prevent corrosion.
  • The BOD and COD of boiler blowdown realized the low concentration of the industry leader level.
Standard NSF Certification(G6, G7*)America FDA Standard
Main Conposition pH adjustor, Silica type corrosion inhibitor, Chelating agent
Capacity 20kg PE Gallon

*G6:Boiler treatment products -all food processing areas / food contact
*G7:Boiler treatment products – all food processing areas / nonfood contact

Scale dispersant

< IH Series >

The chemical which acquired the NSF certification like the IS series. It is eliminated safely when a scale attaches.
  • Can disperse and remove scale sludge attaching by a chelating agent and special high polymer action
  • Phosphor free and complies with proper effluent regulations
  • All ingredients consist of the materials listed on FDA regulations


Chemical Name BOILERMATE IH-11C
Chemical Code S199-011-1103-0
Capacity 20kg
Input 30mg/L (As a disperse) 200mg/L (As a remove)
Legal grounds when I use it for food processing use All ingredients consist of the materials listed on FDA regulations