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The Multiple Installation (MI) System Becoming a Worldwide Standard

The catchphrase “the bigger the better” doesn’t always apply to boilers. Relying on a single large boiler can have a number of problems in terms of efficiency, cost, and the environment. MIURA’s Multiple Installation System connects multiple units of small-sized one-through boilers. This requires less water while eliminating the problems of traditional large-sized boilers.

Latest-generation SQ Boiler, 98 percent Boiler Efficiency

Unique Fins and Superior Corrosion-resistant Economizer

A boiler efficiency of 90 percent has been achieved with MIURA’s proprietary heat transfer fins. This efficiency can be raised to 98 percent with the addition of an economizer. With a reliable steam supply and economical operating costs, this boiler will satisfy your particular steam requirements.

The “Intelligent Boiler” from MIURA : Simple Operation and Multifunction
  • Can view boiler status at a glance, with alert functions that prevent boiler failures.
  • Ignition status, blowdown and other boiler conditions are displayed real-time on the operation panel in an easy-to-read numbers and graphics display.

Space Saving

Our multiple installation system is capable of large load demand. Its compact design saves more space than a flue tube boiler.

MI System : High Efficiency and Excellent Load-Tracking Control

  • Improves system efficiency by operating required boilers only when required.
  • A boiler system can be controlled using just one pressure controller and MI Terminal for each boiler.
  • System expansion can be achieved simply by adding an MI Terminal. (For a maximum of 15 boilers)