The First NSF Approval in Thailand

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Posted on 22/11/2020

Ensuring good water quality is important to maintain the efficiency of our high efficient once-through boilers. MIURA provides our own water treatment equipment and boiler chemicals to ensure to achieve maximum results from our unique water treatment method.
In July 6, 2015, MIURA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. obtained certification from the National Science Foundation (NSF, the agency that ensures global public health standards) for three types of boiler chemicals. This is the first NSF approval given to the boiler industry in Thailand. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we will further expand our business in Thailand’s food market. We have already received several orders for our multi-purpose boiler chemicals from the world’s leading food companies, and we believe that the market demand of the proven chemicals will increase constantly.
Approval was given for two multi-purpose chemicals, which prevent corrosion and scaling (attachment of calcium particles in water) of boilers, and a scale dispersant. These chemicals are used in Thailand and other ASEAN countries.
Other than Thailand, MIURA group has obtained NSF approval in the USA, China, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.

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