Notice of establishment of Holding Company in Singapore (vi)

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Posted on 22/11/2020

Miura Co., Ltd. here by announces that the company has resolved, at its Board of Directors’ meeting held today, to establish a new company.

1. Purpose of establishment
Miura Co., Ltd. develops its subsidiaries and affiliates in four ASEAN countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam). The company will continue to ensure the business expansion in emerging markets, and aims to strengthen management systems and enhance the speed of financial decision-making.

2. Outline of Holding Company
(2) Domicile: Singapore
(3) Date of foundation: April, 2016 (scheduled)
(4) Representative: Junichi Mimoto
(5) Capital stock: US$5 million (about 600 million yen) (tentative)
⁂This figure is a tentative value deemed for specified subsidiaries. After the company’s establishment, we plan to carry out an in-kind contribution of shares of our three subsidiaries in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, to increase its capital.
(6) Major Shareholders and % held: Miura Co., Ltd. 100%
(7) Business summary: Management and control of subsidiaries in the ASEAN region.

3. Outlook
Our consolidated financial results forecast for the year ending March 31st, which we announced today, will not change. The impact on our business result will be minimal.

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