Miura’s HK Ballast Water System Receives USCG AMS acceptance

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Posted on 22/11/2020

In November 2011, Miura’s HK Ballast Water Management System (hereinafter called HK) obtained approval for its use in seawater and brackish water conditions. With the approval of AMS*1 for freshwater regions which we have recently achieved, under the conditions stipulated by the USCG*2, HK is now allowed to be used in all conditions (seawater, blackish water, and freshwater) regardless of salinity concentration. This accomplishment enables us to meet the diverse needs and expectations of customers in a flexible manner.
Going forward, we will work towards to obtain USCG type approval*4 for HK by making effective use of the freshwater testing site in our company.

■ Backgrounds and Future plan
March 2014: Received approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism based on the IMO Guidelines.
November 2014: Received AMS approval from the USCG (sea water and brackish water).
November 2015: Completed freshwater performance testing at the internal freshwater testing site, and submitted application.
From February 2016: Continued freshwater testing toward USCG type approval.
FY 2017: Plan to obtain USCG type approval
(*1) USCG: United States Coast Guard.
(*2) AMS: A measure called AMS (Alternate Management Systems), in which the USCG gives temporary approval for ballast water treatment equipment that has already been approved by the IMO (International Maritime Organization).
(*3) Salinity concentration regulated by the IMO Sea water: 32 PSU and above; brackish water: 3 – 32 PSU; freshwater: 3 PSU and below
(*4) UCSG type approval: The original ballast water treatment regulations defined by the United States Coast Guard.

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