Notice of establishment of Holding Company in Singapore

Miura Co., Ltd. here by announces that the company has resolved, at its Board of Directors’ meeting held today, to establish a new company.

1. Purpose of establishment
Miura Co., Ltd. develops its subsidiaries and affiliates in four ASEAN countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam). The company will continue to ensure the business expansion in emerging markets, and aims to strengthen management systems and enhance the speed of financial decision-making.

2. Outline of Holding Company
(2) Domicile: Singapore
(3) Date of foundation: April, 2016 (scheduled)
(4) Representative: Junichi Mimoto
(5) Capital stock: US$5 million (about 600 million yen) (tentative)
⁂This figure is a tentative value deemed for specified subsidiaries. After the company’s establishment, we plan to carry out an in-kind contribution of shares of our three subsidiaries in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, to increase its capital.
(6) Major Shareholders and % held: Miura Co., Ltd. 100%
(7) Business summary: Management and control of subsidiaries in the ASEAN region.

3. Outlook
Our consolidated financial results forecast for the year ending March 31st, which we announced today, will not change. The impact on our business result will be minimal.

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The First NSF Approval in Thailand

Ensuring good water quality is important to maintain the efficiency of our high efficient once-through boilers. MIURA provides our own water treatment equipment and boiler chemicals to ensure to achieve maximum results from our unique water treatment method.
In July 6, 2015, MIURA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. obtained certification from the National Science Foundation (NSF, the agency that ensures global public health standards) for three types of boiler chemicals. This is the first NSF approval given to the boiler industry in Thailand. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we will further expand our business in Thailand’s food market. We have already received several orders for our multi-purpose boiler chemicals from the world’s leading food companies, and we believe that the market demand of the proven chemicals will increase constantly.
Approval was given for two multi-purpose chemicals, which prevent corrosion and scaling (attachment of calcium particles in water) of boilers, and a scale dispersant. These chemicals are used in Thailand and other ASEAN countries.
Other than Thailand, MIURA group has obtained NSF approval in the USA, China, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.

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Miura’s HK Ballast Water System Receives USCG AMS acceptance

In November 2011, Miura’s HK Ballast Water Management System (hereinafter called HK) obtained approval for its use in seawater and brackish water conditions. With the approval of AMS*1 for freshwater regions which we have recently achieved, under the conditions stipulated by the USCG*2, HK is now allowed to be used in all conditions (seawater, blackish water, and freshwater) regardless of salinity concentration. This accomplishment enables us to meet the diverse needs and expectations of customers in a flexible manner.
Going forward, we will work towards to obtain USCG type approval*4 for HK by making effective use of the freshwater testing site in our company.

■ Backgrounds and Future plan
March 2014: Received approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism based on the IMO Guidelines.
November 2014: Received AMS approval from the USCG (sea water and brackish water).
November 2015: Completed freshwater performance testing at the internal freshwater testing site, and submitted application.
From February 2016: Continued freshwater testing toward USCG type approval.
FY 2017: Plan to obtain USCG type approval
(*1) USCG: United States Coast Guard.
(*2) AMS: A measure called AMS (Alternate Management Systems), in which the USCG gives temporary approval for ballast water treatment equipment that has already been approved by the IMO (International Maritime Organization).
(*3) Salinity concentration regulated by the IMO Sea water: 32 PSU and above; brackish water: 3 – 32 PSU; freshwater: 3 PSU and below
(*4) UCSG type approval: The original ballast water treatment regulations defined by the United States Coast Guard.

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